By 8 mars 2019

Kwesi (BSc.Eng,MBA) has over twenty years’ experience in a wide breadth of aspects in the sphere of public policy development, organizational planning and programme implementation.

With extensive experience in the management, development and operations both the public and private sectors, Kwesi has contributed to the development the Policy in Trinidad & Tobago in the spheres of ICT, Information Management and Public Administration.

Kwesi has also provided support to regional and international agencies in the development of intra-regional ICT policy frameworks. He has served as a regional expert on Telecommunications and ICT poliicy matters in the ITU/CTU HIPCAR Project and contributed to the CTU’s IST Policy Rapid Response Initiative, identifying key market trends and proposing forward-looking regulatory frameworks in the Caribbean.He was recently the Executive Officer with responsibility for policy development of major areas of regulatory modernisation to address issues such as convergence, net neutrality and ubiquitous digital inclusion.

Kwesi also has experience providing strategic planning and implementation support in the commercial sphere, guiding the business model development and implementation for a variety of telecommunications and subscription television service providers throughout the region.