By 8 mars 2019

Kevon’s endeavours are quite versatile. In his professional life, he has worked on international and regional Internet/ICT affairs for over a decade and is now the Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry. At LACNIC, Kevon has been responsible for establishing LACNIC On the Move (LOTM) – a revolving public awareness campaign on Internet number resources and Internet Governance across Central America and the Caribbean. He now spearheads LACNIC’s LÍDERES programme, which provides advice and grants to new and recently formed national Internet Governance Forum initiatives (NRIs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to LACNIC, Kevon worked within the ICT Secretariat of the ICT Ministry of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, where he had responsibility for External Relations and ICT Policy. Throughout his career, Kevon has worked on issues such as electronic transactions, cybersecurity and electronic government, and has conducted public awareness campaigns on ICTs and road safety, digital responsibility and digital careers. He is now a regular contributor to Internet events and publications across the region, and also develops content on various digital issues for the Geneva Internet Platform as an Assistant Curator.

In his personal time, Kevon is also involved in initiatives to preserve Trinidadian French Creole among Trinidad’s small creolophone community. For the past two years, he has been the MC of an annual patois event in Trinidad called ‘Sé Yon Bagay Patwa’, and you can find a few songs on Youtube where he is either the lead or backup for Trinidadian folk and crèche songs.

Kevon has an eclectic academic background. He has a European Master’s Degree in Languages and International Trade from the University of Parma (Italy), another master’s degree in Contemporary Diplomacy and Internet Governance from the University of Malta, a professional diploma in Telecommunications Business from the University of Derby in the UK, and various other certifications. He is a prominent Toastmaster in Trinidad and Tobago, and a self-professed polyglot, speaking English, French and Spanish fluently, Italian and Portuguese to an intermediate level and of late, basic French Creole (Trinidadian variant).